Friday, April 29, 2011


Welcome to FUCK FIXIES community!

"One fuck fixies a day will keep you a fixie away!"

Hi! We're here to stand up to what we believe. FUCK FIXIES community is all about fucking up the trendy arses in fixies community. Bloody hippies!

We have been spreading the stickers everywhere right now for free at the moment while we can still sustained the cost! :P but don't complain cause they are not waterproofed! :P Once we can make it waterproofed, then it has to come with a price. Little price only! The motto is,

"Spread the hate, not the capitalism" hahahahaha! :P

Well, we will start telling how this virus of fucking trendy wankers gets into this fixies community soon! For now, it's just a bloody post to start it off for this blog!